Friday, February 13, 2009


I do that a lot. Wonder. I wonder about the state of my marriage in 5 years. I wonder if my children will make good choices and be successful in their lives. Those are good wonderings, right?

Then I wonder the "what if's". What if I had gone on to college instead of staying home and continuing the relationship with Chad. Then I feel guilty because he is truly an amazing man who loves me as no one else will.

What if I'd only had one child instead of three? Again, the guilt because how can a mother choose between her children? How much easier would my life be?

And then . . I wonder if I hadn't married, hadn't had children where would I be. Would I be the crazy cat lady in 4B? Or the hot, single chick on the prowl? I'd LIKE to think the latter but I know myself too well. I'd be the hot, single cat lady in 4B with stock in energizer.

What do you wonder?


  1. I wonder sometimes if I'm a good mother to my children, a good wife to my husband (which I wasn't for a LONG time), a good friend to those I call friends...which aren't many, let me tell you.

    Plus...I KNOW you'd be the smokin' hot babe on the prowl...if I'd stayed in town we might BOTH have been!!! Love you Girl!!!

  2. Heck yeah! Macon couldn't have handled it! We'd have to have gone somewhere else . . .like Dublin or something!! LOL!!

    I really do miss you!