Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So . . .A friend sent me a picture of HER friend's little friend. Only it wasn't so little. Another friend questioned if the big friend of the not so little friend had a brother, which got me to wondering.

Is penis size hereditary? And if so, from WHO's side does it come?

I got blue eyes from my dad. DH got blue eyes from his mom. My mom and his dad are both brown eyed?

I've never done brothers so I have nothing with which to compare.

Just a thought . . .


  1. See, I had something REALLY snarky to say - but I've FORGOTTEN cause that STUPID Word verification thing - I'm SO glad you took it off!

  2. Ok, so now I remember my comment...

    I don't think its hereditary...I walked in on my BIL taking a shower and well, its hard to believe that him and Hubby have the same parents - but you didn't hear me say that...