Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I think I've gotten too old or too married to tell when someone is flirting with me. How freakin SAD is that? Seriously.

There's a fella that I know. Well actually DH knows him too. He's a nice fella, his wife is nice too. We were at a dance for V Day and while DH took a potty break the three of us danced to a slow song because everybody but ME was on the dance floor and obviously DH because he was in the potty.

Anyway . . .I noticed that the wife had a tongue ring. I've known her about a year now and just now realized she had one. I asked her about it, how long she's had it blah, blah, blah. Husband looks at me and says, "You like that?"

"Huh?" My quick comeback.

"It's sexy aint' it? You want to know how it feels."

"I dunno . .. you got one?" Really, before I thought about it, this flew from my mouth. Admittedly the wife is pretty, but he's more my style. He has dangly parts, she doesn't. Not that I'd consider either one because, well, I just wouldn't.

I haven't flirted in years and at this point, with his wife on his OTHER arm, I wasn't quite sure what the heck was going on but she was, like, silent the entire time.

So . ..was I just flirting with him(them even??) or did I just open a can of something I'm not sure how to close?

Do they have books on reacquainting one self with flirting? I think I might need one.

I realize the three-way dancing was something different for me. Heck, three-way anything is way out of the norm, but seriously . . .It was just a dance. Wasn't it? And the only reason I danced with them was it felt too weird to dance with my brother and his wife.

And now . . .after typing all of this, I can't decide if all the erotica I've been reading lately has affected my radar. Or, has it? See!!

Oh and on top of that . . .this isn't the first time this has happened. He's mentioned before a "hook up" between me, the DH and him. What's he gonna do with wifey? He didn't mention her!

I'm going to wrangle this thing to death. Sigh.


Hopelessly Confused


  1. Guys are suck a-bombs! You try to be nice and make not-so-nice conversation and it immediately goes to the bedroom. GEESH!

    I came by to grant you your letter - I've been slack in my blogging here lately but the whole "mommy thing" has gotten outta control - dang kids. Come by and let me know when you post your letter post so I can read. Your letter is "G".

    Good Luck!

  2. Now how about that? You ask me to give her a message and she's already commented on your blog! BEFORE I sent her the message! She must be psycho or something...hehehehe Love you!

  3. LOL!! G is a good letter. I'm a G!!

  4. Oh, but see the thing is . ..I DO like the bedroom. Just not with more than one at time. Or two at a time. Me plus one.

    And I'm rambling, again!