Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just stuff . . .

Some days I wonder if people use their entire brain capacity.

I saw a truck last night. Fancy, fancy truck. Expensive rims, custom paint job-candy apple red. A really gorgeous truck, actually. I lusted over it. It was a sexy truck.

And then I read the customized license plate. I wondered if this was his mistake (truck owner) or the people in the tag office who printed it. I wish I'd gotten a picture of it, just so that I could point out to my children that money doesn't make you smart. The tag read as follows:
Sigh . ..the misuse of too/to is one thing that drives me absolutely batty. Now, because I am smarter than the average person (at least DH tells me that I think I am) I knew what he meant. It still doesn't excuse the lack of intelligence. It's not complicated. Pay attention in English class and you'll figure it out!

Anyway . . .

I was thinking of my children and how blessedly, wonderfully, different they are from each other. MC, the middle child, is my pretty one. Really she is pretty (thank GOD) because sadly, I think she inherited her daddy's momma's intelligence. This conversation actually occurred one afternoon when DH had to run errands with L, the oldest and MC in tow. After promising them an ice cream cone for their good behavior, he noticed that MC was oddly quiet. MC, on a good day, utters no less than 10 million words. She thought for a moment and then asked "Can we have ice cream on it?" I kid you not.

M, the youngest of the trio of mini-queens in our home is the one who really makes me laugh. Just this week, while having supper, she announces, "I wish I were three again. . . .Man, those were the days!" I can't figure it out. She's a 30 year old in a 6 year old body.

L is almost 11 and in that pre-pubescent stage of nearly dying every time she opens her mouth.


  1. Cant...comment...laughing...too...hard!!! Will come back to it! God, I love you! Thanks for the morning giggle.